HeidiVictoria Healthy People was founded by Heidi (a nurse) and native of Victoria, BC.  She grew up with like minded parents who have invested their lives in health education and wellness promotion in the greater Victoria region since 1969, before she was born.  Heidi along with a group of friends / volunteers have been bringing quality health education programs to the greater Victoria and south island region since mid-2015.

Programs are free or low cost, with something for all ages. Offerings may vary by time of year and group leadership.  Health programs and events include whole food, plant-based cooking classes, Dinner with the Doctor / Think Green Supper Club (a social dinner, learn & share event), pre-teen/teen cooking classes, BreatheFree2 (smoking cessation), CHIP-Complete Health Improvement Program, Depression, Anxiety & Trauma Recovery, Optimize Your Brain, Diabetes Undone, Walk with the Doctor, Movie Screenings and more.

Email the team today if you have a question about an event.  Find Victoria Healthy People on Facebook Organizational Page or Facebook Groups Page.  Our events are ticketed so we have a spot reserved just for you–whether free or paid.   Sign-up on Victoria Healthy People Events page for all events.  We look forward to having you join us soon!