Saturday, July 20, 2019

EVENT runs 11am-6pm

VOLUNTEER shifts from 9am-6:30pm

Join us as a volunteer to help educate the community about health including preventing and reversing heart disease, reversing type II Diabetes, smoking cessation, at Centennial Square downtown Victoria.

Volunteer Sign-Up REQUIRED (so we know when you’re coming!)

Sign-up Here to Volunteer with VHP @ Vegtoria on July 20

 Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) Cooking Workshop  

Monday, August 19 from 6:30pm-8pm

Food Demo & Tasting plus Health Lecture–Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease

Volunteer opportunities from 4:30pm-8:3pm

Register for Workshop from 6:30pm-8pm (see below)

Simple and delicious WFPB food demos to help you ease through the remainder of the Summer and into Fall.  Full meal and health presentation.  Meal & Presentation 6:30pm-8pm.

REGISTER FOR WORKSHOP:  Workshop Info &  Registration REQUIRED here

VOLUNTEER FOR WORKSHOP:  Volunteer Sign-up here–scroll to bottom of options


FREE!   Coming Soon from 9:30am-10:30am

Beachfront Walk

We’re partners with Doctors of BC to bring you this Walk with your Doc.  A family physician with a Masters in Public Health will be joining us.  Coming soon…a Cardiac Surgeon too!

Join us for a medium paced walk from Oak Bay Marina to Willows Beach round trip.  Meet new friends and learn more about health while we walk.  Your opportunity to be interactive with your doc!

Sign-up so we know you’re coming!   (Directions where to meet with ticket)

FREE Ticket:  TBA

Young adults eating foodThrive Dinner exclusively for
College, University & Foreign Students

Our delicious, free student dinner is a great place to meet new people or bring a friend while learning about health.  Enjoy a plant-based meal for the first time or as part of your daily routine.  We know you’ll love the food and fellowship.  Have an opportunity to ask your diet, health and lifestyle questions while interacting with healthcare professionals and expand your knowledge about health.   FREE ticket required.  Seating is limited!

Label Reading
(Whole Foods Market @ Uptown)



More information and FREE tickets:  TBA


Movie Screening:  CODE BLUE

        COMING in FALL 2019! 

Movie release pending…we are told it’s coming soon.

“Code Blue” official movie trailer:

Would you change your habits to live a longer, healthier life?
code blue provides the prescription to do just that.

code blue is a feature length documentary that reveals insufficiencies in the current state of medicine and provides a common sense solution by featuring the practice of lifestyle medicine to prevent, manage, and reverse disease. It presents the hurdles to the proposed shift: why is this not an integral component of the curriculum taught in medical schools? Why does this not resonate with the majority of current day practicing physicians? What is causing the lapse in communication to the general public? The unwillingness of some to believe that the American public—addicted to the quick fix—will embrace lifestyle changes is also addressed, as well as the undercurrent influences of the pharmaceutical and food industries that help shape public policy.

code blue follows the story of a passionate physician, Dr. Saray Stancic;  medical student, Saul Bautista; and expert physicians/scientists who have the foresight to envision the potential of incorporating lifestyle medicine into clinical practice. Interwoven between these stories are successful individuals and organizations, as well as the personal narratives of chronically ill patients who learn to embrace this revolutionary method of medical treatment.

Ticket required, seating capacity controlled.  More information coming soon–movie release delayed.   Movie release re-scheduled by producers for release in 2019.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s Story:  Prevent & Reverse Cardiovascular Disease–From Steak to Plant-based Diet

Dr. Michael Greger:  Why He Became a Doctor and Practices Lifestyle Medicine

Coming in 2019…

  • Optimize Your Brain–6 week course (2 hours per week 6:30pm-8:30pm Optimize Your Brain Introduction Video
  • Diabetes Undone–4 week condensed course (2.5 hours per week 3pm-5:30pm, Sunday’s Diabetes Undone Intro Video  *Note some statistics are given in US measure.  We will provide Canadian numbers as well. Course has been taught in Canada, USA, and Guam.  The dietitian in the series is Brenda Davis, RD–a world renowned author, speaker, and former head of the American Registered Dietitian Vegetarian Society.  She is a well respected authority on nutrition and is from Kelowna, BC, Canada.
  • Depression & Anxiety Recovery--8 week course (2 hours per week 6:30pm-8:30pm on Sunday’s)  NDRP Introduction from Director and The Effects of Depression and/or Anxiety

Dinner with the Doctor–Think Green Supper Club

Space is limited!  Register early to avoid disappointment.   (Wait listed guests may get a spot 24 hours before event if there is a cancellation.)  We SELL OUT every month.

We will feature whole food, plant-based Fall inspired food.  This event will be amazing!

Reserve your spot today!  

Join us for an amazing evening and explore a whole food, plant-based diet.
$13.50 plus transaction fee, registration online.   

Wait list enabled when event is full.  Please include your phone number, as we will call you when a spot is available and email registration link.  Thank you for your consideration!

Taste, Learn, Share @ our educational dinner with the doctor